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ProfileService is a stand-alone ModuleScript that specialises in loading and auto-saving DataStore profiles.

A DataStore Profile (Later referred to as just Profile) is a set of data which is meant to be loaded up only once inside a Roblox server and then written to and read from locally on that server (With no delays associated with talking with the DataStore every time data changes) whilst being periodically auto-saved and saved immediately once after the server finishes working with the Profile.

The benefits of using ProfileService for your game's profiles are:

  • Easy to learn, and eventually forget - ProfileService does not give you any data getter or setter functions. It gives you the freedom to write your own data interface.
  • Built for massive scalability - low resource footprint, no excessive type checking. Great for 100+ player servers. ProfileService automatically spreads the DataStore API calls evenly within the auto-save loop timeframe.
  • Already does the things you wouldn't dare script yourself (but should) - session-locking is essential to keeping your data protected from multiple server editing - this is a potential cause of item loss or item duplication loopholes. ProfileService offers a very comprehensive and short API for handling session-locking yourself or just letting ProfileService do it automatically for you.
  • Future-proof - with features like MetaTags and GlobalUpdates, you will always be able to add new functionality to your profiles without headaches.
  • Made for ambitious projects - ProfileService is a profile object abstraction detached from the Player instance - this allows the developer to create profiles for entities other than players, such as: group-owned houses, savable multiplayer game instances, etc.

If anything is missing or broken, file an issue on GitHub.

If you need help integrating ProfileService into your project, join the discussion.

Disclaimer: Although ProfileService has been thoroughly tested (Auto testing source included - ProfileTest.lua), it has not been used within a large scale Roblox project yet. ProfileService is the successor to an earlier DataStore implementation used in The Mad Murderer 2

Why not DataStore2?

DataStore2 is mostly a Roblox DataStore wrapper module which automatically saves duplicates of your data. ProfileService is an extension module which gives you powerful tools to manage profile session-locking, cross server gifting and profile data organizing.

ProfileService protects your data only from the relevant Roblox server problems. It's completely stacked when it comes to protecting your game data from item duplication exploits.

ProfileService is striving to be a DataStore solution that is the most accurate implementation of data storage following the development guidelines and practices provided in the official Roblox API.